Hair brushes: Types of hair brushes and benefits of using it

Your hair care regimen determines the health of your hair. Taking care of your hair involves more than just using the appropriate products. How do you brush it and what kind of brush is the first step. Brushing your hair is an inevitable step in your hair care routine. Your hair will look and feel better after being brushed. By changing the way you brush, you can improve the look and feel of your hair. 

Benefits of hair brushing 

1) Distribute the natural oils 

Your scalp secretes natural oils to keep the hair healthy and shiny. The natural oils in the hair are distributed throughout the strands by combing and brushing them. This strengthens the hair. The oil on the scalp builds up if you don't brush your hair, making the strands dry and brittle. It will take a while for those natural oils to naturally make their way down to your ends, especially if you have long hair. Your hair will look more moisturized, healthy and shiny if you brush it to distribute those natural oils from root to tip. 

2) Help stimulate the scalp 

The scalp is massaged and stimulated by exerting mild pressure while brushing and combing across it. This could increase blood flow to the scalp and stimulate the growth of healthy hair. 

3) Exfoliates the scalp 

Regular combing of your hair can helps remove the buildup that collects at the scalp and hair strands; including old and loose hair, dead skin cells, product residues, filth and other impurities. Combing clears the pores on the scalp, allowing the scalp and hair to breathe and revitalizing dandruff and other scalp infections. 

4) Detangles the hair 

The best technique to maintain hair detangled is to brush and comb it frequently. This results in less breakage of your hair. 

5) Makes styling your hair easy 

Tangled and knotted hair is difficult to style. Hairstyle is simple when you brush your hair often to keep it nice and silky. 

Types of hair brushes and uses  

1) Vented hair brush 

A vented brush is a great option for fast blow-drying wet hair. It gets the job done faster. A vented brush enables you to blow dry wet hair rapidly even if you don't have time to properly comb it. The hot air can flow through the holes in the brush, accelerating the drying process. 

2) Paddle brush 

The paddle brush aids in quickly detangling your hair by removing knots without pulling out the hair. It has a broad and flat surface that makes it easier to move around and provides excellent coverage. 

3) Detangling brush

The detangling brush softly manages all hair types, including thick and curly hair. It shields hair from breaking and knots. Wide and flexible plastic bristles on detangling brushes make it painless to untangle knots. 

4) Wide-toothed comb 

A wide-toothed comb is a great option to minimize breakage and damage while bringing wet hair. This kind of comb works well for combing thick and curly hair as well. 

5) Round hair brush 

A round brush is ideal for blowouts. The metal barrel of this kind of hairbrush warms up when used with a blow dryer. A round brush gives the hair volume, bounce and body while helping to control frizz. 

6) Teasing brush 

Teasing brushes are tiny and made to be used at the crown to give fine or weak hair volume and structure. They can provide the appearance of fuller hair which may appeal to people who are experiencing hair loss. 

7) Rat tail brush 

Rat tail brushes are teasing brushes with a long and thin stem. This can be used to lift and separate sections of hair to add volume. 

8) Straightening brush 

Strengthening brushes are a combination of a paddle brush and a hot iron straightener. They heat up faster, can straighten and smooth hair more quickly, and cause less harm to hair than a standard hot iron. 

9) Boar bristle brush 

The natural boar bristle brush works best for evenly dispersing the natural oils down the length of the hair. It works best for styling fine hair because it smoothly slides through the hair without snagging. 

10) Loop brush 

The looped bristles of this brush easily pass through hair extensions without pulling them out. All hair types work with loop brushes.