How to use rice water for your hair problems

Rice water is the starchy fluid that remains after the rice has been cooked or soaked. Rice water is claimed to have many benefits for hair problems. It makes the hair smoother and lustrous, as well as stimulates hair growth. Using rice water for hair problems is not a new trend, it has been used as a hair treatment by women in China, Japan and Southeast Asia for generations.

Rice water contains 70% to 80% starch and it is also abundant in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Inositol is also one of the most effective components in rice water, which helps in preventing hair loss and significantly increase hair growth. Inositol advantages your hair by increasing its elasticity, reducing its surface friction which makes the hair smoother with fewer knots and tangles, and it stays inside your hair strands even after the rice water is washed off. Vitamin C and E are rich in rice water, where Vitamin C promotes sebum production which hydrates the scalp, while Vitamin E covers the hair making it silky and smooth. Amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins are small enough to penetrate the strand and help strengthen and repair the hair from within. 

How to make rice water

1) Soaking 

Take one cup of rice in a bowl and rinse it thoroughly to remove all the dirt and impurities in it. Strain the washed rice and add one cup of water to it. Mix the rice and water mixture until the water becomes cloudy. Soak it for 30 minutes to one hour and strain the water into a bowl. You can also use fermented rice water for your hair. Some studies claim that fermented rice water is more beneficial than plain rice water. To make fermented rice water, soak the cleaned rice in water and keep it at room temperature for 1-2 days. You can spray the rice water (both fermented and plain) directly into your scalp and hair strands after your hair wash. Rice water can no doubt replace the conditioners. Wash your hit with shampoo and wash it off. Then apply the rice water to your hair and massage it into your scalp and hair strands. Leave it for 15- 20 minutes and wash it off with normal or lukewarm water. 

2) Boiling 

Take one cup of rice in a bowl and rinse it thoroughly until the dirt and impurities in it are washed off. Boil two cups of water and add the washed rice into it. Boil the rice until the water becomes cloudy. Strain the water into a bowl after it cools. You can use this as such or as in a fermented way. To fermentation, the boiled rice water keep it in the refrigerator for 1-2 days and use it. You can apply the boiled rice water after your hair washing, as an alternative method for using conditioner. Apply the rice water to your scalp and hair and leave it for 15- 20 minutes. Wash it off with normal or lukewarm water. 

Benefits of using rice water for your hair

1) Stimulates hair growth 

Rice water for hair is beneficial to the scalp since it repairs hair problems and damage. It contains various macro and micronutrients that boost scalp health, including vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals. As a result, overall hair health improves.  Rice water contains antioxidants that strengthen hair follicles. It also contains Vitamin C, B and E, all of which aid in hair growth. The hair shaft is strengthened by these vitamins and the stronger the shaft is the longer the hair can grow. 

2) Makes hair stronger 

Nutrients are essential for hair to maintain scalp health and increase hair thickness. Rice water includes starch, which covers hair strands with protein. It improves hair elasticity and smoothness by reducing surface friction caused by hair styling and washing. Rice water increases hair strength by reducing dryness. 

3) Makes hair shiny and lustrous 

Rice water can act as a natural conditioner that adds elasticity to your hair. It gives an extra layer of shield against pollutants, hair styling tools and chemicals present in hair products. And the Vitamin E present in rice water makes hair shiny and lustrous. 

4) Prevents Dandruff and other scalp infections 

Fermented rice water can prevent Malassezia, a fungus that causes dandruff. According to the studies, fermented rice water contains the bacterium Bacillus cereus, which generates the antibiotics zwittermicin A and kanosamine, which prevent the growth of Malassezia. 

5) Conditions the hair 

Rice water can be used as a conditioner, a hair mask or a shampoo. It has so many benefits that you can use it to produce any hair product. It gives elasticity and volume to your hair while enriching the texture. Rice water makes hair smoother and less frizzy.