Summer hair care routine that you should follow

Your skin and hair need extra care in the summer season and when happens a significant shift in the weather. Our body needs additional care and attention during the summer and it is very important to adjust our hair care during these hot and bright days. The sun emits harmful rays that can dry and damage your hair, especially if it's chemically treated hair. And due to the excessive humidity and dust hair becomes prone to problems such as dandruff, split ends, frizzy and hair loss. 

Here are some essential hair care routine tips for summer. Follow these tips and beat off the Sun. 

1) Cover Your Hair 

Remember to cover your hair with a hat or scarf to protect it from the sun's damaging UV rays, dirt and dust which can severely harm your hair. So the simplest thing to do for protecting your hair from damage is to cover it up. Covering your hair can also reduce the damage caused by wind if your hair is prone to tangling. 

2) Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner

Choose a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that will not take off your hair's natural oils leaving it dry and unpleasant. The hot weather causes a slew of problems to your hair, so choose products that will hydrate your hair while preserving its natural oils. You can purchase deep conditioning products that suit your hair type, or you can make conditioners homemade. And to protect your hair from dangerous UV rays, use hair conditioners that contain sunscreen. 

3) Do not wash your hair frequently 

Washing your hair too frequently diminishes the quantity of oil in your hair, which is necessary for healthy hair. Washing your hair frequently means it is more likely to get damaged and unmanageable. 

4) Avoid hair styling tools

Avoid using hair styling tools such as blow dryers and heat styling because it is incredibly damaging to your hair and can cause irreversible damage. If you insist on blow drying, make sure you do so at a reasonable temperature rather than a high temperature. 

5) Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is very much important in the summer season. Drinking enough water and other fluids will primarily assist your scalp, keeping your hair healthy and hydrated. In addition, to receive all of the vital nutrients, including more fresh fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet is a great way. 

6) Trim your hair

You should get your hair trimmed more frequently in summer since it is more prone to split ends, which are not healthy for your hair. Trimming those split ends will assist to keep them manageable. It's not just for summers, but cutting your hair every 2 months is a good thing to keep your hair splits free. The ends of your hair are the first to become damaged and excessively dry if not cared for, therefore trimming your hair is a good method. 

7) Use hydrating hair masks

Make sure you apply a hair mask once a week. This will help you keep your hair silky and soft by deep conditioning the hair. A summer hair care routine that includes a deep conditioning hair mask is ideal for nourishing your locks. 

8) Oil your hair 

Oiling your hair is a good practice to follow every season. Oiling your hair, especially with hot oil can do wonders for your hair. It moisturizes and treats frizzy and dry hair. Take any natural and heat it., apply it to your hair from roots to tips and wash it off with shampoo and conditioner. Your hair will be moisturized without becoming greasy after using a hot oil massage. It also gives your hair strength and proteins, making it stronger and promoting growth. 

9) Try comfortable hairstyles 

Exposure to environmental conditions can cause your hair to become dry and frizzy. Going out in the summer with open hair is a bad choice since it causes your hair to become lifeless, discolored and frizzy. Loose hairstyles are suitable for summer, so try braids messy buns or loose half-up tied knots.

10) Apply serum

Once your hair is half-dried take a few drops of hair serum and apply it all over your hair strands. You can also choose a leave-in hair conditioner instead of hair serum which can be used after washing your hair. This will help in keeping moisture in your hair.