10 Amazing hair hacks that you should know

Happiness is a good hair day. Good hair day is a day that highlights one of your most valuable assets; your hair. When your hair looks and feels wonderful, it gives you an immediate boost of confidence, which is something that many individuals could use daily. Everyone feels better after getting a better new haircut, and when your hair is in good health and condition. This can change everything about you; your confidence, your attitude and your entire look. 

Hair hacks for all types of hair can be found on the internet nowadays, and they can help you improve the health of your hair. Some of them are bizarre, while some appear to be reasonable. In any case, we are always seeking ways to improve the appearance of our hair. This article is a compiled list of 10 incredible hair hacks that have been tried and proven, so you don't have to risk destroying your hair by experimenting on your own. 

1) Select your hairbrushes wisely 

Hairbrushes are a must-have accessory for maintaining and styling your locks. Whether you are curling, smoothing, drying, adding volume, bounce or gloss to your hair, there is a hairbrush for you. They range from those developed specifically for extensions to those made for specific lengths and hair textures. The appropriate hairbrush for your hair and styling demands can make a big impact on the health and appearance of your hair. The suitable brush for fine or thinning hair will be vastly different from the suitable brush for long, curly hair. Some brushes, such as round or vented ones, are better for styling, while others are better for detangling and yet others may help with static and frizz. So, selecting a hairbrush according to your hair type is a necessary part of hair care. 

2) Keep your hairbrushes clean 

Unclean brushes are one of the most common reasons for many hair problems. Germs, dust, hair products, old hair and oils are all trapped in your hairbrush. Clean brushes may not seem like a big deal, but they help you keep your hair healthy and problem-free. Taking care of your brushes and cleaning them on regular basis improves their performance, increases their durability and avoids the formation of infections. 

3) Coconut oil hair treatment

The health benefits of coconut oil for your body, skin and hair have been studied extensively. This natural oil is suitable for almost all hair types and is high in fatty acids, which are beneficial to your skin and hair. There are some indications that lauric acid, saturated fat found in coconut oil, can help preserve your hair from protein loss. Coconut oil hydrates your hair as is healthy for your scalp. It works better than other oils at repairing damaged hair because it is quickly absorbed. 

4) Avoid cotton pillowcases 

Pillows and pillowcases that are made with cotton tend to absorb the natural moisture in your hair. Furthermore, when you move while sleeping, your dry hair scraped against the cotton fibers of your pillow, producing a lot of friction. Friction causes your hair to heat up, weaken and break. Cotton absorbs so much moisture that it strips your hair of its natural oils, leaving you with dry, brittle and tangled hair with split ends. 

5) Add volume to your ponytail

A high ponytail is always in trend and is so beautiful. But it's not that flaunting if your ponytail falls flat. A voluminous ponytail is an envy of many people. You can easily get a high voluminous ponytail without putting in a lot of effort or spending a lot of money on hair products. Make a ponytail out of the upper half of your hair. Gather the other half and bind it below the upper one. Divide the hair such that the higher one has more volume than the lower one so that the lower one can be effectively hidden. It gives your hair both volume and length in this way. 

6) Baby powder or dry shampoo 

When you don't have time to wash your hair, dabbing some baby powder or dry shampoo is a magical fix. Spray some baby powder or dry shampoo on your scalp and massage it if you have a busy day ahead of you and don't have time to wash your hair. This will remove excess oil from your hair and make it look voluminous and silky from the roots. 

7) Flat iron your braided hair for waves 

If you are looking for a quick curl, this is the hair hack for you. To achieve an undone look in your hair, you might use the flat iron approach. If you want to get beautiful curls and beachy waves, a hair straightener will come helpful. All you have to do now is start softly braiding your hair. The more braids you have, the more texture your hair will have. After that, slowly run a flat iron along the length of each braid. After your hair has cooled down, untie the braids. 

8) Trim split ends at home 

Split ends can make your hair look dry and damaged. But there are a few quick fixes for those troublesome split ends that will leave your hair looking healthy after just a few minutes of trimming. Dusting is a technique for removing split ends by keeping your hair length the same. It involves twisting or sliding your fingers down a strand of hair to uncover the damage. If the hair ends are frayed and need to be cut, go for a basic trim and take off a few inches using sharp cutting scissors. 

9) Use hairpins 

It's natural for your hair to fall out while trying a bun or hair up do. The locking method with hairpins will do good for this problem. Simply insert the open end of the pin into your hair in the direction in which your hair is being pulled. Just before you fully insert the pin, rotate it slightly so the open end faces the same direction as your hair, then insert it completely to secure your hair. The hairpin can keep your hair tucked and hidden. 

10) Tame baby hair flyaway 

You will be having a lot of baby hairs on your head that refuse to stay in place. Brush your hairline with a toothbrush sprayed with hairspray. This will keep your baby hairs in place without making your hair oily.